SATEC is a solutions-oriented global leader in specialty solutions for power metering; from researchto development and manufacturing. SATEC high-quality power meters, analyzers and software have been implemented by leading utility and industrial icons worldwide, ever evolving by responding to continuously changing requirements set forth by our clients. Our greatest strength lies in our deep technological expertise and our ability to provide flexible solutions for a wide range of customer applications. SATEC is a solution-oriented company and  works hard to comply with latest standards requirements during the product design phase.

SATEC has been implementing the most up-to-date communication protocols and interfaces, making SATEC meters the go- to product for statistical metering and SCADA-driven control departments in utilities, for metering HV and MV substations. Combined with advanced I/O extensions and full connectivity, SATEC meters are often applied as “mini RTUs”. All SATEC meters feature a minimum accuracy of Class 0.5S/0.2S per IEC 62053-22 and Class 0.5/0.2 per ANSI C12.20 for kWh readings, exceeding minimal revenue-meter requirements. Offering multi-channeled meters, UL and MID certified meters and unique SaaS billing platforms, SATEC caters to commercial users and property managers such as shopping centers, office buildings, etc.